bun in the oven?

Waxing services for expecting moms

We often get asked if we offer waxing services during pregnancy. The answer?


We know that your hair may be growing faster – thanks to those baby makin' hormones! And, of course, it may just be a little bit harder to reach than it was in those pre-baby bump days. Not to mention the challenges of balancing in the shower to get to all the right places – even shaving your legs can seem like a big deal these days.

Keep in mind that you may have some extra skin (and emotional!) sensitivity – but that's taken into account during the service. We would offer you a glass of wine, but you're knocked up, so we'll have to wait until after the baby's born!

Rest assured that In The Pink has years of experience making our pregnant clients feel at ease and well taken care of. Just pick the regular service of your choice using the button below!